Travel: Hampi's Vitthal temple is full of mysteries, and music emanates from the pillars


Hampi Musical Pillars: India is such a country, where one will get to hear about many unsolved mysteries and incidents. These secrets are such that even science cannot solve them. You will get to see some such unsolved mysteries even in Hampi of Karnataka. The Vitthal temple here presents a sample of magnificent art.


People come from far-flung areas to visit Hampi. But when they touch the pillars here, they get surprised. Actually, they are known as musical pillars. This is the speciality of this temple. How the music emanates from the pillars remains a mystery.

Beautiful to look at
As the centre of tourist attraction of Hampi, the grandeur of the popular Vitthal temple is worth seeing among the people. Go inside the temple, you will be crazy about its beauty. From a huge complex and beautiful pavilions to long halls and small temples, you will find spectacular views here.

The music emanating from the pillars
There are 56 musical pillars in the temple, which are also famous as Saregama Pillars. Music emerges from these pillars. When one touches these pillars, the music emanating from the pillars can be clearly heard. These pillars support the roof. The main pillars of the temple are stylized in the shape of musical instruments. Also, the main pillar is surrounded by seven smaller pillars and the sound of swaras coming from these pillars is different. You will hear music from here on hitting the pillar with sandalwood.

Temple built in the 15th century
The Vitthal temple was built during the 15th century. This temple dedicated to Lord Vitthal was built by Devaraya II of the Vijayanagara Empire. This is the reason why the temple is also known as Vijay Vitthal Temple. Please tell that Lord Vishnu is known by the name of Vitthal. (PC. Social media)

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