Travel Guide: If you are an adventure lover then come and enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping at these places in the world...


Every person wants to do everything in his life that makes him happy. In such a situation, whenever they go on a trip, some people look for variety in food and drinks, while there are some people who are looking for adventure. There are some people who are very fond of doing various kinds of adventures while traveling. One of these is bungee jumping. The thrill that comes from free falling in the open sky restores the feeling of being alive. However, not everyone likes to do it, but it is said that if one does it once, one cannot help but do it again. If you are also an adventure lover, then today we are going to tell you about some places in the world where you can freely enjoy thrilling bungee jumping. Let us know about these places...


Baling Bridge Bungee Jump, China
At a height of 370.25 metres, the bungee jumping facility on the Baling River in Guizhou, southwest China is the world's highest bungee jumping facility. This jump also holds a Guinness World Record for its height. It is located on top of the Baling River Bridge, a suspension bridge approximately two kilometers in length and one of the highest bridges in China. During its official Guinness World Records Challenge in January 2019, six professional and six amateur jumpers jumped from the bridge.

Macau Tower, China
The AJ Hackett Macau Tower is officially home to the world's highest bungee jumping. Adventure lovers enjoy this activity by jumping from 764 feet of this tower. Bungee jumping from Macau Tower is the dream of every adventure lover. While jumping from this tower, full care is taken of your safety, in which they first tie cords around you. With the help of these cords, you are dropped down and then pulled up easily.

Varjaska Dam, Switzerland
The 720-foot Verjasca Dam has been built on the Verjasca River in Switzerland. It is the second-highest bungee jumping spot in the world. If you have seen the movie Golden Eye, filmed in 1995, the dam shown in it is the Varjaska Dam. Bungee jumping is done here from various heights. Verzasca Dam is the only such bungee jumping site in the world. When darkness falls, you can forget everything and jump free. The place is well-lit by floodlights and the moon. Situated at an altitude of 220 meters, the Verzasca Dam is the second-best rated bungee jumping destination in the world.


Navajo Bridge, Arizona
Situated at a height of 470 meters, this bridge offers a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. Make sure you plan when it comes to this location. Take a partner to get the best photos of your jump. Some places even offer a refreshing dip in the water after your jump. As long as you take all the necessary precautions, it can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.
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