Travel Guide: Such a temple where noodles are offered to Kali Maa, the reason is miraculous...


Prasad is offered to the deity in every temple. Usually, these offerings include sweets, laddoos, coconut, chickpeas, chironji, etc. But today we are taking you to a temple where Chinese food (noodles) is offered to Kali as Prasad. Noodles are distributed as prasad to the devotees after worshiping here.


Noodles are distributed as Prasad in this temple
The 'Chinese Kali Temple' we are talking about here is located in the Tengra area of Kolkata. This area is also known as Chinatown. The temple built here is of Tibetan style. In this temple, you can see a wonderful amalgamation of old Kolkata and the beautiful culture of East Asia.

Another special thing about this temple is that not only Chinese dishes but also Chinese incense sticks are planted here. The fragrance of these incense sticks brought from China is different. A Bengali priest performs all the rituals in this temple. They also burn handmade paper on special occasions to drive away evil spirits.

This is how the tradition of Chinese Prasad started
There is an interesting reason behind the tradition of offering Chinese offerings to Maa Kali in this temple. It is said that many years ago a Chinese boy fell ill. There was no cure for his disease. It was about his death. Then his parents came to Kolkata. Here he put his son to sleep under an old tree. Then Maa Kali prayed for the child's recovery.

Miraculously, the boy saw her and was completely cured. Pleased with this miracle, the Chinese community's faith in Kali Maa also increased. About 20 years ago, the Chinese and Bengalis built a temple of Maa Kali around this tree. Devotees have been worshiping Maa Kali under a tree for the last 60 years before the temple was built.


Gradually, the movement of Chinese people started in the temple. In such a way, according to their culture, they started giving Chinese food items like noodles, chops, etc. as a sacrifice to Maa Kali. Since then, the tradition of serving Chinese food to Kali Maa started here.
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