Travel Guide: If you are thinking of visiting Gujarat then it would be best to go to Kutch...


It comes in the list of best tourist sports. Where people like to visit from within the country and abroad. Talking about India, preparations to celebrate this festival start a few days in advance in Kutch situated in Gujarat. In such a situation, anyone can enjoy visiting here.


In Bhuj, the capital of Kutch, you can enjoy seeing historical places like Maharaja's Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Sharad Bagh Palace etc.

Kutch Mandvi Beach, located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Bhuj, is very beautiful. Here, walking on the sand and looking at the blue-colored water is something else's fun. Apart from this, anyone's mood will blossom after seeing many types of water birds here. Especially the view of sunrise and sunset is worth seeing.


Bhadreshwar Jain Temple is highly worshiped by the people of the Jain religion. It is established in Bhadravati. After reaching here, one feels peace and tranquility in the mind. It is believed that Bhadravati was ruled by King Siddhasena from 449 BC. But later it was taken over by the Solankis, who were Jain followers. It was they who changed the name of this place to Bhadreshwar.

You can go here by road, rail and air route also.

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