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Everywhere in India looks so beautiful, doesn't it? The beauty here does not even compete with foreign places. Rather, there are many places in the country whose names have been linked to foreign places, like Coorg is called Scotland of India, while Darjeeling is called Switzerland of India. There are other similar cities, which are known by their many names.


Today we are going to tell you about a city which is known as the city that never sleeps. By the way, you must have heard this line mostly for the city of Mumbai, but this tag has also been given to a city in the South. Let's tell, which city is that.

Which city is called the city that never sleeps?
You may be shocked, but the city of Madurai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is called the city that never sleeps. This city can also be called the city of ancient temples, where many beautiful historical temples are present.

How old is this city
It is said that the history of this city of India is as old as 25,00 years. According to the commercial and political center, it is also a very important city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Here you will find many main attractions, the Meenakshi temple here comes in places to see, whose high gopuram attracts a lot of tourists visiting here.

Apart from Madurai, this city of South India is also known as Koodal Managar, Tunganagar, meaning the place that never sleeps, not only this, it is also called Athens of the East and Malligai Managar i.e. the city of Mogre.

Story related to this place
In some articles, different stories are also famous for its name. Talking about its name Madurai, the local people call it Ten Madurai, which in Hindi means Mathura of the South. It is also told in some articles that it is named after the name of Madhura or Marudam, one of the five land types, because of the sweetness of the stream coming out of Lord Shiva's hair.


This city of South India is also the center of education, the pure Tamil language is spoken here, as well as this city is also called the city of temple. If we talk about history, then Pandya kings also ruled this city. Not only this, the Pandya kings also ruled here during the Chola dynasty.
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