Tips to improve gut health: - These 3 things spoil gut health, quit them today


Often we do not pay much attention to our stomach-related problems and ignore them considering them minor, but let us tell you that almost all diseases start from the stomach and hence, it is important to take special care of the stomach. There are many things including gas produced in the stomach, indigestion, indigestion and acidity, which indicate that the digestion is not proper. The gut plays an important role in our digestive system. These not only digest the food properly but also remove the dirt present in the body, hence it is very important for the intestines to function properly.

For this, you should take a healthy diet and also give up some things completely. Here we are telling you about 3 such things which spoil gut health. Dietitian Simran Kaur is giving information about this. Simran is a certified dietitian and hormone health coach.

Taking more stress

When you are under stress, it can cause constipation in your body. During the digestive process, our food gets digestive juices and then the essential nutrients from the food are absorbed into the body. But if you are under stress for a long time, it makes it difficult for your digestive system to absorb nutrients. Due to this, gut health deteriorates and gas, indigestion and bloating may occur.

Lack of sleep

You are probably unaware that lack of sleep also affects our digestion. The digestive system does not get cleaned due to lack of sleep. At the same time, the liver also does not get time to detoxify itself. Due to lack of sleep, it becomes difficult for the intestines to digest food.

Eating too much sugar or antibiotics

It is important to maintain a balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Consuming too much sugar or antibiotics affects gut health. The bacteria present in the gut are affected, this worsens gut health and also affects immunity.

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