Tips And Tricks: Sometimes because of your mistake the call is not possible, know here is an amazing trick..


Many times we notice that the phone battery is full, and even if there is a network, the call is not getting through. In such a situation, it is necessary to check some things, so that there is no problem with any kind of call.


Many times we have to face a lot of trouble while making calls. The phone is not connected and we think that there is a network problem. But this does not always happen. Actually, due to some negligence and mistake of ours, the phone is not able to work. That's why today we will tell you about some such methods which can fix the problem of not getting your call.

Switch Off, Switch On:- Many times we all notice that despite having a full network in the phone, the call is not received. In such a situation, you should try a common jugaad. All you have to do is switch off the phone, and then restart it after 5 minutes. This starts calling the phone.

DND is not on: - Due to being in the office or while playing games many times, we activate DND by going to the setting of the phone. Later it does not remember to turn it off. Then when we make a call, it seems that there is some problem with our SIM, due to which the phone is not getting through.


If the call is not working despite all this, then first you contact customer care, otherwise, go to the store of your telecom company and get the SIM checked.

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