Tips and Tricks: If you are troubled by bad internet speed, then first you have to pay attention to the SIM...


How to increase internet speed: The use of smartphones has increased because internet access has become easier. But imagine how much trouble it becomes if the internet does not work properly. If the internet runs intermittently, many works stop, and everyone tries to increase the speed of the net.


But very few people would know that by making a small change in the SIM, the speed of your internet will run like a rocket… If the internet speed is low, very few people pay attention to the SIM.

1) For this you have to open the SIM card tray.
2) After that see in which slot the SIM is inserted. For the internet, the SIM should be inserted in the first slot, i.e. Slot 1 only.

Very few people would know that the internet runs very fast in your smartphone if you put it in SIM slot 1. Apart from this, its performance gets better for calling. Tech experts believe that SIM slot 1 is used as a smartphone's primary SIM card.

Many times it happens when the SIM is inserted in slot 1 only, and even then the internet is not working properly. That's why it is necessary to check whether the SIM has not moved in the SIM tray. It means that the position has not gone wrong.

Position can be messed up
If this happens, then understand that the SIM card is not being read properly, and due to this, the internet speed is getting disturbed. So check and correct the position.


Apart from this, many times many unnecessary apps are running in the background of the phone. This increases the load on the internet, due to which the speed of the internet is also affected. That's why we should stop the app from running in the background.

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