Health: This poisonous air is a silent killer, if you see these signs then understand that you are trapped in the clutches of diseases...


Silent Killer Air Pollution: Delhi and NCR are covered with a blanket of poisonous air. People are finding it difficult to breathe outside even during the day. Due to this poisonous air, the risk of many respiratory diseases has not only increased but the problem of the skin and heart-related problems has also arisen. Doctors have instructed that if you go out without covering your body, it will not only cause problems to the lungs but can also cause serious problems to the skin. Even excessive exposure can cause skin cancer. In such a situation, if some signs are seen in the body, one should immediately run to the doctor because carelessness can lead to some fatal diseases.


Don't ignore these signs
1. Persistent cough - According to TOI news, if persistent cough is bothering you these days, then it should not be ignored. It is possible that you may have been affected by poisonous air. The reason for persistent cough could be the entry of heavy metal into the lungs. That means, in a way, a poisonous chemical has entered your lungs which can clog the lungs.

2. Difficulty in breathing- If you are having difficulty breathing then it means that heavy metal has started affecting your body. Symptoms like difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath are not normal in this season. Actually, poisonous chemicals enter the lungs which start obstructing the air passage. Due to this, the supply of oxygen is disrupted.

3. Wheezing while breathing- If you hear wheezing while breathing, then do not consider it trivial. This means that toxic particles released from pollution have caused inflammation in the lungs. For this reason, the voice sounds like a whistle while speaking. In this situation contact the doctor immediately.

4. Watery eyes and itching - It is normal to have watery eyes in this bad air, but if the eyes are watering continuously along with it, there is a lot of water coming from the eyes and it is causing irritation in the eyes, then understand that it is air. Pollution has had a serious impact. In this situation contact the doctor immediately.


5. Itching and rashes in the skin - If there is a lot of itching in the skin during pollution, pimples or rashes have started appearing on the skin, the color of the skin has started changing or blood spots have appeared on the skin, then it means It means that pollution has had a bad effect on your skin. Consult a doctor immediately.

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