Online Payment: Which will be more beneficial for shopping in Festive Season between Credit Card and Buy Now Pay Later? Know here..


These days, many online shopping platforms like Flipkart and Amazon are going to bring their festive season sales. While you will get the benefit of a discount on goods in these sales, on the other hand, you will also get the facility of additional LA on many credit cards. On many credit cards, customers are getting the benefit of excellent cashback and on some, the facility of Buy Now Pay Later is also available. Buy Now Pay Later in simple language means buy now and pay later.


Many people are getting confused between these two options. Many people are thinking that if they avail the benefit of Buy Now Pay Later then their credit card limit will not be blocked. In such a situation, now the question arises whether it will be better to make payment through a credit card this festive season or through buy now pay later.

Buy Now Pay Letter or Credit Card
If you shop using a credit card or buy now and pay later, you will get some time to make payment for both. This means that you do not have to pay immediately when you shop with these two. You have a limit for making credit card payments. In such a situation, you cannot shop more than the limit. Whereas there is no limit in Buy Now Pay Later.

Features of Buy Now Pay Letter and Credit Card
If you pay by credit card, you will get shopping discounts along with reward points. Apart from this, you will also get the benefit of cashback. However, if you select the Buy Now Pay Later option, you will not get the benefit of reward points and cashback. In Buy Now Pay Later, you get 30-50 days to make the payment.

You can also select the EMI option to pay for Buy Now Pay Later. You will not have to pay any extra charge for this. At the same time, on many credit cards, you also have to pay a charge on selecting the EMI option. Now the question arises of which option should you select.


Which option is best
If you are also going to go shopping during the festive season, then you should first use a credit card. You can get additional benefits on credit cards. If you do not have a credit card then you can select the option of Buy Now Pay Later.

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