These 21 new emoji came in WhatsApp, if you want to make chat even more interesting then definitely see this...


More than 2 billion people are active on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. Through this app, people are connected round the clock. Apart from the text on the app, people also use emojis and GIFs to communicate. WhatsApp stickers are also very popular now. Meanwhile, an update regarding the app is that the company is soon going to give 21 new emojis to WhatsApp users. At present, these emojis have been made life for some beta testers, which will soon be available to common users as well. The new emoji is part of the latest Unicode 15.0 update. This information has been shared by wabetainfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp.


These are the new emoji
Let me tell you, the emojis that WhatsApp has now made life were already present on third-party keyboards. However, then users could not send these emojis to another person. After the update, these 21 new emojis will also be added to your emoji list. Out of this, people will like three heart emojis very much.

Will be able to mute incoming calls from unknown numbers
WhatsApp is working on another feature under which users will be able to mute calls coming from unknown numbers. You will find this option inside the setting, which when turned on will make the call silent the next time an unknown person calls you. You will be able to see this call by going to the call list. Apart from this, soon WhatsApp is also going to give users the facility to report status and put voice notes on status. Users will be able to put voice note status for up to 30 seconds. At present, people can share videos, photos, text or GIFs on status only.


Meta is bringing a new app to compete with Twitter
On the other hand, WhatsApp's parent company Meta is preparing to bring a new app to compete with Twitter. The code name of this app has been described as p92. This app will be decentralized which will work exactly like Twitter. Let me tell you, ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, Twitter has been going through a continuous economic downturn and many times it has been down for hours due to technical problems.

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