The world's most expensive ice cream, knowing the price, the ground will slip under your feet...


Expensive Ice Cream: Ice cream is considered a better option to cool down the body in the summer season. From children to elders, people eat ice cream with great interest. Ice cream is not only the sweet dessert of summer but it also has many health benefits. Homemade ice cream contains many nutrients, which can be very beneficial for our health.


You will find all types of ice cream in the market. But do you know about the world's most expensive ice cream? One bite of this ice cream can be equal to your annual income. Would you be surprised too? However, according to the Guinness World Records website, there is a Japanese ice cream brand named Saleto that sells the world's most expensive ice cream. According to the GWR website, the cost of this ice cream is more than the cost of a family vacation.

Gold in ice cream
According to news reports, the ice cream named Byakuya is made from many rare ingredients. The ice cream includes gold leaf, white truffle, Parmigiano Reggiano and sec le. The ice cream is made by Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at Rivi. Chef Yamada is known for his imaginative fusion cuisine, so he was specially invited.

How expensive is ice cream
According to GWR, a serving of this delicious ice cream costs 873,400 Japanese yen, which is more than 5 lakh Indian rupees. At this price, one can definitely buy a very good old car.


How does ice cream taste like
How would it feel to eat such an expensive ice cream, this question must be roaming in your mind as well. This ice cream has a strong aroma of white truffle, after eating which your mouth and nose are filled with its taste. After this comes the fruity test of Parmigiano Reggiano. According to different reports, a representative of the ice cream brand Celato told that it took more than 1.5 years to make it, with a lot of trial and error to get the taste just right. Everyone's effort made it worthy of getting the title of Guinness World Record. (PC. Social media)

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