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The magic of beaches is different. The soft sound of the waves hitting the shore, the softness of the sand under your feet, and the endless horizon of the sea bring you peace and tranquility. Sharjah, known as the cultural treasure of the United Arab Emirates, is not only famous for its history and magnificent artistic scenes, but it also has many beaches, which attract tourists. Just spending some time on these beaches gives a feeling of pause in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Along with visiting museums, historical buildings, and wildlife sanctuaries, do not miss seeing these beautiful beaches of Sharjah.


Al Mamzar Beach Park
Al Mamzar Beach Park, known as the Hidden Gem of Sharjah, is full of natural beauty and is perfect for family activities. This beach is nestled in palm trees and well-maintained gardens. Where the environment is quite charming. This park not only has sunshine and sand but also has many restaurants, picnic spots, and play grounds for children. For adventure lovers, Al Mamzar Beach Park also has facilities for paddle boating and kayaking. There is also an option for snorkeling here. Where you can see the amazing world of colorful fishes and beautiful corals.

Khorfakan Beach
The beauty of Khorfakan Beach will leave no chance to attract you. On one side there is a spectacular view of the Hajar Mountains and on the other side the beach. This beach is the best destination for water sports lovers. While snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding are available to everyone, if you are not interested in water sports, you can enjoy a stroll on the beach. Where you will be able to see many beautiful views. The beach is also full of seafood restaurants with local flavors. Delicious dishes filled with the taste and aroma of the Arabian Gulf are served.

Al Khan Beach
Al Khan Beach is a dynamic beach in Sharjah that is perfect for both adventure lovers and relaxation. Coming to the beach and trying water sports is a must, if you also think so, then there are options for you ranging from jet skiing to parasailing and if you have never tried such sports before, then paddleboarding is also taught here. Yes, you can try that. Colorful kites and kite flyers make the bustling atmosphere here even more beautiful. As the day progresses, the view of the beach also changes. If you want to make the evening memorable, then you can head here. A wide variety of food and drinks will be available on this beach.

Kalba Beach
Kalba Beach is located inside the Kalba Eco-Tourism Project. This is a great destination for nature lovers. This side of the sea is surrounded by mangrove forests, due to which it is best for kayaking. Passing through the dense waterways of mangroves gives a chance to see many types of beautiful birds. However, Kalba Beach is especially famous for turtles, where you can see many types of activities related to turtles. Apart from this, there is a different pleasure in sitting quietly and relaxing on the beach.


Dibba Al-Hisn Beach
Dibba Al-Hisn Beach is a quiet beach away from the hustle and bustle of Sharjah city. If you want to spend moments of peace alone away from the crowd, then the idea of coming here would be perfect. The rocky mounds surrounding the beach add to its beauty. For diving enthusiasts, nearby Dibba Rock is a good place that you should definitely visit. It is an underwater sightseeing hot spot where a spectacular diversity of marine life can be seen, including colorful corals and many species of fish.
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