Ganeshotsav: Ganpati of Lalbagh, Mumbai is the 'King of Vows', why is this temple so famous among the devotees?


The celebration of Ganeshotsav has started across the country. On September 19, people welcomed Bappa with drums and drums. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, people keep Lord Ganesha in their homes and pandals. After worshiping with rituals, Bappa is immersed. Ganeshotsav lasts for 10 days. Talking about Ganeshotsav, during this time there was a huge crowd of devotees in the Lal Baghcha Temple of Mumbai. People come not only from within the country but also from abroad to visit this temple, but what is so special about Lal Baghcha Temple due that devotees come here for darshan. Today we will tell you about it, so let's know...


Why is this temple so famous among the devotees?
On the special occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, the idol of Bappa is kept in the Lalbagh temple of Mumbai. Lal Baghcha Raja's Ganeshotsav Mandal was established in 1934 in Lal Bagh market, Mumbai. To establish this circle, some fishermen and businessmen together make preparations and make the idol of Bappa.

The family has been preparing the idol for years
Members of the Kambli family have been making idols of Bappa for a long time. The Kambli family has been making the idol of the Raja of Lal Bagh for the last 8 years. This skill of making 20 feet 20-foot-high Ganpati idol has been passed on to the second generation. At present the third generation of the family is making the idol. This family has been making Ganesha idols with their own hands for the last 89 years.


This temple is called 'Vratno Ganesh'.
This famous temple is also called Ganesh of Vrat. According to beliefs, any wish sought from the King of Lal Bagh is guaranteed to be fulfilled, hence he is also called Ganesha of wishes. Therefore every year lakhs of devotees come to the temple to celebrate Ganesh Utsav. Every year on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Bollywood celebs also visit the temple.

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