Tenant Rights: Tenant can claim ownership of the house after so many years, one mistake will prove costly..


People invest in many ways for extra income. From savings schemes to investing money in mutual funds or property. Apart from this, the trend of giving houses or flats for rent is increasing in big and small cities. This is also the easiest way to earn money, although investment has to be made first. There are some landlords who leave their houses in the hands of tenants for many years. Their rent reaches their account every month, but doing so can put the landlord in trouble.


Many times the owners have to lose their property also. One carelessness of the landlord costs him dearly. This is where the landlord needs to be alert. Actually, there are some such laws in the property law, due to which the tenant can claim rights. Today we are going to tell you about some property-related laws that every landlord should know.

When can the tenant express ownership rights?
There are some rules in the property law, where after living on a property continuously for 12 years, the tenant can claim rights on it. Although its terms and conditions are quite stringent, your property may come under dispute. The law of adverse possession dates back to before the independence of the country. But let us tell you that this is the law of illegal occupation of land. The most important thing is that this law does not apply to government property. At the same time, due to this law, many times the owner has to lose his property.

People living in rented houses try to take advantage of this law. Under this law, it has to be proved that the property was in possession for a long time. Also, no restrictions of any kind have been imposed. The person occupying the property also has to provide information about tax, receipts, electricity, water bills, affidavits of witnesses, etc.


What is the way to escape?
The only way to avoid this is to get a rent agreement made. Also, if possible, keep changing the tenant from time to time. Legal proceedings take place through the rental agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Everything from rent to other information is written in the rent agreement. The rent agreement is always made for 11 months only.

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