Tech Tips: Use YouTube day and night, your internet data will never end, know these settings..


YouTube is the identity of every household today. People listen to their favorite movies and songs through the YouTube app. But sometimes due to lack of internet, you cannot play videos on YouTube, although you can play your favorite videos on YouTube without the internet. YouTube provides the facility to save videos offline.


How does YouTube work offline?
This means that when you are in the range of the internet, you can download the video on your phone at that time, after that, you can play it anytime. This will not exhaust your internet data. Also, you will be able to play YouTube videos in areas without internet. It is usually seen that Indians play only selected songs repeatedly every day. Playing YouTube videos offline can be a good option for such users.

How to play YouTube videos offline?
Play the YouTube video that you want to save in offline mode.

After that, after the video is played, the download option will appear at the bottom.

You have to click on this option.

After this, you will be given the option of the video quality in which you want to save the YouTube video.

Out of these, you will see the option of Low (144P), Medium (360P), High (720P), and Full HD (1080P) according to your internet data or Wi-Fi.

However, it is worth noting that if you download the video in a higher quality, then your internet data will be spent more. Once you download the video, you can play YouTube videos anywhere without internet data.


How many offline YouTube videos can be saved?
In offline mode, YouTube videos are saved in the internal storage of your phone or computer. This means that your phone's space is used. In such a situation, you can save any number of YouTube videos. Provided your phone has storage.

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