Tech Tips: Know these special things about Google Bard, which competes with ChatGPT..


Google has just released its Ai Bard in 180 countries. Please tell me that it is a rival of ChatGPT. Today we will tell you all the things related to it, that you need to know. We will endeavor to explain it in such simple language that you can easily understand it.


As we all know that Google launched its AI chatbot i.e. Bard in its annual Google IQ 2023 event. Let us know about it in detail.

What is Google Bard?
Google Bard, like ChatGPT, is also an AI, designed to help you in every way. It can generate text, translate languages, and write different types of creative content. Also can answer your questions with plenty of information.

Get live result
Google Bard is also connected to the internet, so it gives you live results. That is, if you ask something the bard, just analyzes it first and tries to give the right answer according to your needs. Explain that Google Bard is not a tool for research. It can also help you with a variety of tasks.

Will be able to reply to email
If you want to reply to an important mail but do not understand how to do it, then there is no need to worry. We are saying this because Google Bard can help you with this too. Let Google Bard help you craft a professional reply for you in no time. All you have to do is give it some details about the email and Google Bard will suggest some suitable responses for you to choose from.

Will be helpful in shopping
Say you want a particular item for your home but are confused, Google Bard can help you find what you need! All you need to do is give some information about your preferences and budget. After this Google Bard will give you some personalized recommendations.

Will help write Instagram caption
In today's time, there would hardly be anyone who does not use Instagram. In such a situation, when we post something, our biggest problem is to write a caption for it. But now there is no need to worry because Google Bard can help you with this too! All you have to do is provide some details about the image and Google Bard will suggest some creative captions for you to use.


Will also take care of my health
If you are worried about your health and want a proper and personalized diet plan to eat healthily, Google Bard can help you with that. To let Google Bard create a custom diet plan for you, all you have to do is provide a few details about your needs and Google Bard will create a personalized meal plan that meets your needs.

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