Tech Tips: Are you worried about snooping on WhatsApp Web? Personal chats will be secured with these tips..


In the digital era, it has become very important to keep your data safe. People have started using social media a lot these days. WhatsApp is used on a large scale in this. Be it office work or sending a location to a relative. All the work on WhatsApp is done in minutes. But many people keep an eye on the WhatsApp of others, due to which people are very afraid. Know further how WhatsApp Web can be secured.


Set a password on WhatsApp Web.

First of all, open WhatsApp Web in the web browser. Or go to the domain.

After this, open your phone go to WhatsApp, and click on the three dots. After this, go to Settings.

Go to Settings and click on the Link Device option.

After this, scan the QR code received on the PC or computer through the phone.

After logging in to the PC or computer, click on the three dots given on the right side of the screen.

Then go to Settings and click on the Privacy option.

After coming down, click on the Screen Lock option. A checkbox will appear, after ticking which the screen lock feature will be turned on.
After this, create a strong password of 6 or more characters. Enter the password once again and click OK.
Select the auto-lock time. In this, users get the option from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Remove screen lock from WhatsApp Web like this:
Click on the three dots given on the right side of the WhatsApp Web screen.
After this, go to Settings and tap on the Privacy option.
Come down and uncheck the Screen Lock checkbox.
After this, enter the password and click on the OK button.
After doing this, the screen lock will be removed from WhatsApp Web.

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