Tampons can make you sick, they contain dangerous metals which are not good for health


According to research, 16 dangerous metals have been found in tampons. This metal is very dangerous for health.

According to a report, dangerous metals have been found in tampons. Continuous use of which can cause many types of physical problems. According to a report published in the 'University of California', 30 tampons of 14 brands were tested. 16 dangerous metals have been found in all these tampons. This metal is very dangerous for health. In the United States, about 52 to 86% of people use tampons during periods.

Dangerous metals are present in tampons

Tampons contain dangerous metals. Using these dangerous metals during periods can increase the risk of many diseases in women. Metals like arsenic, barium, calcium, cadmium, cobalt, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, mercury, nickel, lead, selenium, strontium, vanadium and zinc have been found in tampons. The study says that due to these metals being in more contact with the vagina, it can cause many health issues.

Tampons contain a lot of chemicals

The lead author of this research, Jenny A. Shearston, said, 'Despite this great potential of public health concern, tampons contain a lot of chemicals. In fact, very little research has been done on whether tampons are safe or not and what is the amount of many chemicals in them. This is the first research on how much metal is present in tampons or not.

Tampons increase the risk of toxic syndrome in women

In this research, research has been done on all the metals found in tampons. Toxic metals like arsenic and lead have also been found in it. After this research, it is expected that the tampon manufacturing company will understand that using such metal is very dangerous. Tampons can cause toxic syndrome in a woman. Which later turns into sepsis. According to the 'World Health Organization', sepsis is a life-threatening condition for any woman. This weakens the immune system and also increases the risk of infection.

Due to excessive use of sanitary napkins and tampons, women complain of infection and irritation. This problem occurs after the periods are over. Due to this, itching starts around the private part. Due to tampons, air circulation in that area is greatly reduced. Because bacteria start growing in it. These bacteria can be the cause of allergy or infection a few days after periods. If you also have such a problem, then such products should be avoided.

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