Sweets For Diabetics: Diabetic patients can also enjoy sweets on Diwali..


Sweets For Diabetics: Any festival is incomplete without sweets. People eat a lot of sweets during the festive season, but diabetic patients avoid eating sweets due to the increase in sugar. In such a situation, the joy of the festival diminishes for them. If you are also suffering from diabetes and like to eat sweets, then you can enjoy these sweets this Diwali.


Fig Barfi
Natural sugar is found in figs. You can make barfi from it. In this you can use honey instead of sugar. Due to this, diabetic patients will not suffer much harm and can also enjoy eating sweets, but eat them in sufficient quantity only.

Makhana Kheer
Makhana kheer can also be made for diabetic patients. Milk and dry fruits can be used for this. To make this, first boil the milk until it becomes thick. Now add makhana paste to it, leave it on the gas for some time, and after that garnish it with dry fruits.

Gram flour laddus
You can make gram flour laddus at home. To make this, you can use jaggery or honey instead of sugar. In such a situation, diabetic patients can also eat gram flour laddus.

Sweet made with carrot
Carrot season is going on, so you can enjoy delicious carrot halwa on Diwali, but if diabetic patients want to eat this halwa, then use jaggery instead of sugar while making it. Keep the quantity of ghee and milk in it less.


Apple pudding
You can also make apple pudding during the festive season. Use jaggery to make this also. Which can prove beneficial for diabetes patients.
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