Sweet Corner: Make delicious saffron malai laddu at home on festivals like this..


The festive season is going on. In such a situation, the market for sweets is hot. People are buying lots of sweets to sweeten each other's mouth. However, due to high demand at this time, sweets are also prepared with adulterated ingredients in some places. This can prove dangerous for your health. Many people rely only on homemade sweets. Today we will tell you the recipe of Kesar Malai Laddu, a delicious sweet that can be prepared at home. This will not stress you at all. Then prepare this delicious sweet dish immediately.


Paneer – 400 grams
Cream – 200 grams
Sugar powder – 1 cup
Sweet yellow color – 1 pinch
Cashew – 2 tbsp
Finely chopped pistachios – 10
Cardamom – 5

- First of all, put cream in a pan and fry it for about 5 minutes while stirring with a spoon.
When the cream melts and becomes a little thick, add grated cheese to it and fry this mixture well while stirring with a spoon.
When the mixture thickens, dissolve saffron in one tablespoon of milk and add it to the mixture.
To give yellow color to the laddus, add a pinch of sweet yellow color to this mixture.
- Keep in mind that fry this mixture until it becomes thick.

- After this, take it out on a plate and when it becomes slightly hot, add one cup of sugar powder in it and mix it well.
- After this add chopped cashews. Now mix this mixture well once again with the help of a spoon.
Now take this mixture little by little in your hands make laddus out of it and keep it in the tray.
After this, apply chopped pistachios and cardamom seeds to the laddus. Kesar Malai Laddu is ready.
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