Summer Vacation: Are you planning a family vacation during the summer holidays? So this tourist place is best


People eagerly wait for the summer holidays. During these holidays, children often insist on travelling. Summer holidays are best for vacation. Here are some places where you can go for a walk with kids and family.


Meghalaya - Meghalaya is also a very good place to spend the summer holidays. The cloud-covered hills and the lake add to the beauty of this place. The weather here remains very pleasant. You will be able to enjoy a lot here too.

Khajjiar - Khajjiar is a very beautiful tourist place located in Himachal Pradesh. This is a very peaceful place. It is also known as Mini Switzerland. You will be able to enjoy adventure activities like trekking here. Apart from this, you can visit places like Khajjiar Lake and Nag Mandir here.

Coorg - Coorg is also called the Scotland of India. The coffee plantations here attract tourists. This is a very famous and beautiful hill station. You will be able to admire the beauty of the lake and water fall here in pleasant weather.


Darjeeling - You can also spend summer holidays in Darjeeling with children and family. You can enjoy a toy train ride in the beautiful plains of Darjeeling. You can visit places like Rock Garden and Tiger Hill here.

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