Summer Special: Drink plenty of mint-lemon syrup in summer, body will remain cool and hydrated, prepare it with easy recipe..


Pudina Nimbu Sharbat Recipe: When there is talk of cooling the body amid the scorching heat and suddenly you get mint-lemon syrup, then it is something else. Come, today we will tell you the best way to make such a desi cold drink mint-lemon. With which you can keep your body cool even in the scorching heat. Mainly mint and lemon are used to make it. It is very easy to make and this sherbet is prepared very quickly.


Ingredients for Mint-Lemon Syrup
Mint leaves, lemon, sugar, cumin powder, ice cubes, and water are required to make mint-lemon syrup. These ingredients are taken according to the number of people and drinking capacity.

Mint-Lemon Syrup Recipe
To make a mint and lemon syrup, first take mint and wash it thoroughly with clean water. After this keep the mint leaves aside in a bowl. Now take a lemon and cut it into two pieces from the middle and remove its seeds and separate them and take out lemon juice in a bowl. After this grind mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar, and water in the mixer.


Now grind this mixture in the mixer so much that the mixture becomes fine. After this, filter the syrup and put an equal quantity in four glasses. In this way your delicious lemon syrup is ready. Before serving, put one ice cube each in the lemon syrup. If you want, you can also put more ice cubes in the sherbet. After this, put a little cumin powder in each glass and mix it with a spoon. Whoever drinks this syrup, the coolness will dissolve in his body and he will feel fresh throughout the day.
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