Summer Drinks: Phalse syrup is full of taste and health, the body will get coolness


Summer Drinks: Phalse is popularly consumed in summer. This fruit is sweet and slightly sour in taste. These are red and black coloured small size fruits. They are rich in vitamins and many other nutrients. It also gives many benefits to health. You can also take Phalse in the form of juice and syrup. You can easily make its juice at home too. This juice is super refreshing. This is a great drink for summer. This sherbet works to give you relief from the scorching heat. The drink made from this is not only healthy but also full of taste. What are the health benefits of drinking False syrup? In what easy way you can make it at home, let's know everything.


For the heart
Phalse contains amino acids. They improve the health of the heart. This drink made from false also works to improve blood circulation. This sherbet keeps the blood pressure level under control. It works to detox the body.

For skin
Phalse has anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. It keeps the skin tight. This makes the skin look fresh and young. Apart from this, you can also use Phalse as a face pack.

Keeps cool
In summer, a glass of Phalse syrup helps to cool you down. It protects you from heat stroke.

Joint pain
Phalse syrup also gives you relief from joint pain. Phalse has antioxidant properties. It has anti-inflammatory properties. False is also a good source of calcium. This gives strength to the bones. Including it in the diet can provide relief from joint pain. It also controls problems like arthritis.


How to make Phalse syrup
To make it, you will need Phalsa, sugar, water, lemon juice and mint leaves. Mix sugar and water well. Mix in such a way that the sugar dissolves. After this put the Phalse in the blender. Grind it. Mix this paste in a sugar solution. Keep it covered for some time. After that filter it. Keep this syrup in the fridge to cool down. After that take it out. Add lemon juice and mint leaves to it and serve. (PC. Social media)

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