Summer Drink: If you drink mango panna daily in summer, you will not feel heat stroke..


How to Make Aam Ka Panna: Mango Panna is very tasty, which is why children along with elders drink it with gusto. Mango Panna is very easy to make and it is prepared in very less time. If you want to make this desi healthy drink at home, then you can prepare it in a very easy way.


Ingredients to make Mango Panna
Raw Mango (Kairi) – 4-5
Cumin powder (roasted) – 2 tsp
Black salt - 3 tsp
Black pepper powder - 1 pinch
Jaggery/sugar – 6 tbsp (as per taste)
Mint leaves - 1 tbsp
Ice cubes - 4-5
salt - as per taste

How to make Mango Panna
To make mango panna full of taste and nutrition, first, take raw mangoes (carries) and wash them with water, and then wipe them with a cotton cloth. After this, put raw mangoes in the pressure cooker and put water according to the need, put the lid of the cooker and put 4-5 whistles. Now turn off the gas and wait for the cooker to cool down. When the pressure of the cooker is completely released, open the lid and keep the boiled curry in a vessel.

After the mango cools down, peel off the top of it and put raw mango pulp in a utensil and separate the pulp by mashing the kernels as well. Now add half a cup of water to the utensil and blend it well. After this add black pepper powder, black salt, jaggery/sugar, and cumin powder and mix. Now put the mixture in the mixer and add water as needed and blend.


When the mango panna is ready, put it in a serving glass and serve after mixing one or two ice cubes in it. If you want, you can keep the prepared mango panna in the fridge for 15 minutes to cool down before serving. Chilled mango panna will fill the whole body with freshness.
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