Sugar Risk: If these 5 symptoms are visible in the body, then understand that you are eating too much sugar.


Sugar Side Effects: Many people like to eat sweet food. Be it gulab jamun or kheer... be it chocolate or cake, people want to taste them to their heart's content. By the way, if these sweet things are eaten in less quantity then they do not affect the body that much. But if you consume them indiscriminately then many diseases can grip you. A health expert has warned that excessive consumption of sweet food items can have many bad effects on your health.


According to The Sun's report, nutritionist Jess Hillard said that the problem arises when you start consuming sweet things in excess. Britain's National Health Service says that we should not consume more than 30 grams of sugar in a day. Nutritionists say that a can of cola contains up to 9 cubes of sugar, which is quite a lot. He has also mentioned such symptoms, by identifying which it can be ascertained whether sugar is harming you or not. Let's know about those symptoms...

These symptoms will start appearing in the body after eating too much sweet
1. Increase in appetite: If your appetite has increased excessively, then you should be alert immediately, because it can be due to the consumption of more sugar. If you consume more sweet things and these symptoms are visible in the body, then you should immediately distance yourself from sweet food items. However, if you eat sugar in the limit, then you do not need to worry, because then this problem can be due to some other reason as well.

2. Mood swings: This can also be a sign of excessive sugar intake. If you are having mood swings without any reason, then immediately reduce the intake of sugar. Because sugar actually causes changes in our mood. This is because sugar causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. Experts also point out that consuming too much sugar can also affect hormone levels, causing mood swings.


3. Lack of Energy: Nutritionist said that whether you are consuming more sugar or not, you can also find out from this symptom. If you are feeling a decrease in the energy level, then it may be because of the consumption of more sweet things. Actually, excess sugar affects our energy level and makes us feel tired despite having a good sleep.

4. Dental problems: Consuming too much sugar causes tooth decay and bad breath. Not only this, their color also starts changing. If you are feeling these problems in your teeth, then immediately limit the intake of sugar. Because sugar gets converted into acid after coming in contact with your teeth, due to which the enamel of the teeth deteriorates and the problem of cavity starts.

5. Gut problems: Jess said that eating too much sugar can have a bad effect on your gut health. Because sugar often causes stomach upset. Moreover, it also destroys the good bacteria found in the stomach.

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