Sugar Cravings: If sweet cravings are not allowing you to control sugar, then manage it with these tips from experts...


Sugar Cravings: Be it a Teej or a festive occasion, our celebration remains incomplete without sweets. Often after eating, we feel like eating something sweet. Whatever the occasion, people often find some excuse to eat sweets. Many people like sweet food very much. However, the bitter truth is that it causes great harm to our health.


The natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products does not harm health, but artificial sugar or added sugar increases the risk of many serious problems including obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. Excessive sugar can harm our health in many ways.

Disadvantages of sugar
A 2014 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine revealed an association between high sugar intake and an increased risk of heart disease-related mortality. Consuming excessive sugar increases the risk of problems like obesity, heart disease, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes. Some previous studies have shown that added sugar increases the body's natural blood sugar levels, causing many Indians to become pre-diabetic.

How to control sugar cravings
In such a situation, it is important to limit sweets in your diet. Usually, it is easy to control, but if you are fond of eating sweets, then reducing this habit may be a bit difficult. You may have frequent cravings for sweets. In such a situation, Dr. Saurabh Sethi, a trend expert and gastroenterologist from Harvard, recently told some ways to stop the craving for sweets or sugar through one of his social media posts. Let us know-

This is why sugar cravings happen
The doctor said that craving for sweets usually occurs due to an imbalance in intestinal bacteria. When harmful bacteria grow, it can increase cravings for sweets. In such a situation, high-fiber foods will be very beneficial in reducing sweet cravings, because it promotes a healthy gut microbiome, which helps in reducing cravings.

These fruits will be helpful
By using fruits instead of refined sugar, you can manage the microbiome balance of the stomach. With its help, you can help in reducing cravings.

High fiber fruits include apple, pear, raspberry, banana, orange, kiwi, strawberry, peach, plum, mango, watermelon, and guava, by including them in your diet you can control sugar cravings.


Also keep in mind
Apart from this, the doctor also told that if you want to include refined sugar in your diet, then according to the World Health Organization (WHO), use less than six teaspoons of sugar daily. The risk of lifestyle diseases can be reduced by making lifestyle modifications, including reducing sugar intake, adopting a balanced diet, and regular physical activity.
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