Style Tips: Want to wear perfect saree for the first time then these hacks will come in handy


Style Tips: When it comes to ethnic looks, women love to wear saree. From wedding functions to attending pujas, you can wear sarees for many special occasions. Sarees are popularly worn by Indian women. On the other hand, some women like to wear a saree, but they have a lot of difficulty wearing a saree. In such a situation, some tips have been given to wear a saree. By following them, you will be able to wear the saree in a very elegant way. Wearing a saree like this will make you look very beautiful. Let us know what tips you can follow to wear a saree.


Lightweight Saree
If you are wearing a saree for the first time, then you can wear a lightweight saree. You may have trouble wearing a heavy saree. That's why try to wear chiffon or organza saree instead of Kanjivaram saree and Banarasi saree. You will be able to carry this type of saree easily.

Pre pleated saree
Before wearing the saree, make pleats by pinning it. You will be able to easily wear the pre-pleated saree. Use pins to make pleats for the saree. After this wear it like a skirt. This is a very classy way to wear a saree.

Pin correctly
Use pins properly to wear the saree. With this, you will be able to tuck in the saree properly. The saree will not even come out of it. If you are wearing a saree for the first time, then it is very important to pin the saree properly.

Stylish blouse
A stylish blouse works to add charm to your look. You can also wear a spaghetti style blouse, shirt style blouse and crop top blouse. This type of blouse will work to give you a very beautiful look.


Shapewear petticoat
Wear a shapewear petticoat with a saree. This allows you to wear the saree with a perfect fit. Sometimes wearing a loose petticoat makes the saree look misfit. In such a situation, wearing a shapewear petticoat gives you a very beautiful look.

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