Strong Bones: Want to make bones strong like iron? Include this dry fruit in your diet in 3 ways..


Cashew Health Benefits: Keeping yourself healthy in today's busy life is the biggest challenge. For this, people include many types of things in their diet. However, eating dry fruits can be more beneficial for strengthening bones. However, dry fruits have benefits only when they are eaten properly. Yes, today we are talking about the miraculous dry fruit cashew. Actually, cashews also contain protein, fiber, carbs, potassium, calcium, vitamin B6, and magnesium, which can help in strengthening bones. People prepare and eat it in many ways. But if you eat soaked cashew nuts regularly, your health will be double benefited. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by the problem of weak bones, then you must include cashew nuts in your diet. Let us know from Dr. Vibha Verma, dietitian of UHM District Hospital, Kanpur, the right way to eat cashew nuts for strengthening bones.


Eat cashews in 3 ways to strengthen bones

Soaked in water: If you are worried about your weakening bones, then you must include cashew nuts in your diet. Actually, Vitamin D and magnesium found in cashews help in strengthening bones. For this, you have to soak 6-7 cashews in a cup of water and keep them overnight. After this, they have to be eaten on an empty stomach the next morning.

Soaked in milk: Consumption of cashew nuts soaked in milk is considered more beneficial to remove the weakness of bones. In fact, milk is considered a good source of calcium, which is very important for bones. At the same time, Vitamin K and B6 present in cashew nuts can also provide relief in bone and joint pain. For this, soak 6-7 cashews in a glass of milk overnight and then consume both milk and cashews the next morning.


Mixing it in a smoothie: You can also drink cashew nuts by mixing it in a smoothie. For this, consuming 5-6 ground cashews mixed in a smoothie can provide relief from weak bones. Doing this will not only strengthen the bones but can also provide relief from pain. Although its regular consumption is necessary
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