Spices Benefits: These 6 spices are present in the kitchen, reduce cholesterol and keep the heart healthy


Indian Spices Benefits: There is work of making bread, and vegetables in every house. Women keep salt, spices, ghee and other items there. Generally, the kitchen has essential items related to vegetables, bread and other dishes. But do you know that the goods which are being taken from the market for making vegetables and for other uses? How beneficial it is for the organs of the human body. Today, we will try to know about 6 such spices hidden in the kitchen, whose consumption can prove to be very beneficial for the heart.


1. Coriander
Coriander seeds are considered very beneficial for heart attacks. The amount of anti-oxidants in coriander is very high. The elements coming out of it work to protect the heart. Apart from this, it also works to control cholesterol. Coriander also works to improve blood supply to the heart.

2. Ginger
Ginger is a plant with medicinal properties. It is counted in spices. It is used in spices. Compounds called gingerol and shogaol are found in ginger. While it works to reduce inflammation, on the other hand, it is very beneficial for controlling cholesterol. It has been revealed in the study that ginger is very useful in working the level of bad cholesterol ie LDL cholesterol. It helps in reducing the block in the blood vessels.

3. Kasuri fenugreek
Kasuri fenugreek is also counted in spices. An element called saponin is found in it. It works to reduce cholesterol. It has been revealed in the study that fenugreek reduces the level of bad cholesterol ie LDL cholesterol, while it works to control the blood sugar level. The digestive system is improved by the consumption of fenugreek which helps in reducing the inflammation coming in different parts of the body.

4. Black pepper
Black pepper is also very beneficial for the heart. An element called piperine is found in it. Its work is also to reduce cholesterol. Apart from this, piperine greatly reduces the activities of enzymes involved in cholesterol synthesis in the liver. It helps a lot in digesting the fat. Apart from this, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties are found in black pepper. It is very helpful in boosting the immune system.


5. Turmeric
Turmeric is called the antibiotic of Ayurveda. Curcumin is found in it. Along with reducing inflammation, it works to reduce bad cholesterol.
Studies have shown that curcumin can help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. It works to keep blood vessels healthy.

6. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is also seen as a spice. It also works to reduce cholesterol. Beneficial elements cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are found in them. These work to reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Cinnamon works to control blood sugar. This keeps the heart healthy.

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