South Indian food: South Indian food Idli is famous all over the country, enjoy with sambar and coconut chutney...


Idli is a great option as a snack when you feel less hungry. There was a time when one had to resort to hotels and restaurants to eat Idli, but in the changing times, there is no such thing that cannot be prepared at home. Making idli is easy. Its taste is liked by children as well as adults. Let us see an easy recipe to prepare idli at home.


Rice – 3 cups
Urad dal (washed) – 1 cup
Baking soda – 1/2 tsp
Salt – as per taste

- First of all, take urad dal and rice. Clean and wash them thoroughly.
After this, soak them in separate vessels for 8-9 hours or overnight.
- After the stipulated time, drain the water from the rice and grind it in a mixer to make a paste.
Similarly, take out urad dal from the water and prepare its paste with a mixer.
Now put both the pastes in a big vessel and mix them.
- Mix them by beating with the help of a spoon and prepare a thick mixture.
Now add baking soda and a little salt to this mixture and mix.
- Now keep it in a warm place for 12-13 hours to let the paste ferment.
- When yeast rises in the paste, stir it once again with the help of a spoon.
- If the paste seems too thick then mix a little water in it.
- Now take the vessel for making idli add 2 cups of water in it and keep it on the gas on low flame to heat.
- After this, put idli paste in the mold place it in the idli pot, and cover it with a lid.

Now let the idli cook on high flame for about 10 minutes. After this slow down the flame.
Now remove the lid of the idli pot and check whether the idli has puffed and cooked well or not.
- If the idli is cooked, take out the mold and take out the idli from it.
- The cooking of idli can be checked with the help of a knife or spoon.
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