Sometimes 5 and sometimes 10 thousand notes were out of circulation, know when demonetisation happened in India


The government has stopped the circulation of 2000 pink notes. Even before this, the government changed the notes of 500 and 1000 in 2016. People had given the name demonetisation to that period. This time also people have given a similar name to stop the circulation of notes. However, the government has given time to the people to change it by not completely banning the 2000 notes with immediate effect. So people also named it 'mini demonetisation'.


Most people think that for the first time in the country, demonetisation happened in the year 2016 only. But the history of demonetisation is very old. Demonetisation happened even before the time of independence. Circulation of many notes has been done out of the market. Let us tell you when and why demonetisation has happened in the country.

Demonetisation was done for the first time in 1946.
For the first time in the country, demonetisation happened a year before independence. At that time, 10 thousand rupee notes were also used to run in the country. Then one day on January 12, Governor General Sir Archibald Wavell stopped the circulation of 500, 1000 and 10 thousand notes launched during the British era. With this, only 100 notes used to run in the country at that time.

Demonetisation again after 31 years
Day 16 January 1978, at that time Morarji Desai was the fourth Prime Minister of the country. Then he once again decided to stop the circulation of big notes. On January 16, Morarji Desai demonetized notes of 1000, 5000 and 10 thousand rupees by taking them out of circulation. The government said that it has taken this step to curb black money.

Demonetisation for the third time in 2016
For the third time in the year 2016, during the tenure of the Modi government, demonetisation was done at midnight. At that time, Prime Minister Modi had stopped the notes of 500 and 1000 rupees with immediate effect. The government had taken this important step to curb black money. After demonetisation, to meet the shortage of notes in the market, the government hastily issued new notes of 500 and 2000. Many people also opposed this demonetisation. But after the matter went to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court upheld it.


Mini demonetisation again
Now on Friday, the government suddenly announced that the pink big note of 2000 is being taken out of circulation. Although these are still legal tender for some time. If you want to change these notes, you can change them from 23 May to 30 September. You can get at least 10 notes changed in a day i.e. 20 thousand rupees. People have named this decision as mini demonetisation. (PC. Social media)

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