Smartphone Tips: Is your mobile even listening to your private conversations? Turn off this setting immediately...


Can you spend a day or an hour without a mobile phone? Just thinking about this makes us nervous. Today, whether we want to go somewhere or want to know worldly news, we are completely dependent on smartphones.


But have you ever thought that you told your friend that you want to go to Goa and after some time you start seeing things related to Goa on your phone, how does this happen?

This means that your phone is listening to everything you say. Our phone listens to whatever we say. To use apps and services on the smartphone, we have to give permission.

Many apps take permission from location, microphone, and camera. After giving these permissions, these apps track us.

The best example of this is Google Assistant voice commands. In this, microphone permission has to be enabled for the voice-to-speech feature. Even if you do not use Google Assistant, this app listens to everything you say. In such a situation, you can withdraw the microphone permission whenever you want.

Many times we forget to give permissions to apps. In such a situation, we should try to check all the permissions of the apps from time to time. Let us now know how Android users and iOS users can withdraw the microphone permission.

Android users how to turn off microphone permission

If you use an Android smartphone, you will have to go to Security And Privacy to turn off the microphone. After this, go to the Privacy tab and check which app has taken access to the camera and microphone.

Now you can remove the access of these apps as per your wish. If the user wants, he can remove access to the microphone and camera from the entire phone.


What should iOS users do to turn off the microphone?

iOS users will also have to first go to the Security and Privacy option in the settings and turn off the microphone label from the respective app. The user can turn on the microphone axis whenever he wants.

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