Smartphone Tips: Before selling the phone, do these things, otherwise one mistake will prove to be very difficult...


Earlier people used to use their smartphones for a long time but now it is not so. According to a survey, people are now changing their phones in 1-2 years. The main reason for this is that every day new phones are being launched in the market which have new features. Selling old smartphones has now become very easy. Now you can sell your old phone online sitting at home, but before selling the phone you have to keep many things in mind, otherwise, you can get into big trouble and even become a victim of fraud.


Delete UPI Apps
Before selling the phone, delete all types of UPI and payment apps present in your phone and also delete its data.

Calls and messages
Before selling or exchanging the phone with someone, definitely delete the call and message history. This is very important. Check the message carefully and delete it. There may also be some very important messages in the message.

Before selling your phone, make sure to back up the data present in it. Use Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, or any other cloud service for backup. If you want, you can also take a backup in an external drive.

Reset the device after logout
Before selling the phone, log out all the accounts present in it. Only after this do a factory reset. Logout accounts ranging from Google to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, X, etc.

Memory card
Be sure to remove the memory card from your phone. Although these days very few people are using memory cards in their phones if you are one of them who uses memory cards, then definitely remove the memory card before selling the phone.

SIM card and eSIM
If you use a SIM card then definitely remove it and if you use eSIM then definitely delete the profile of eSIM. It can be deleted from the phone's settings.


WhatsApp backup
Before selling your old phone, definitely take a backup of WhatsApp, because all kinds of personal things and chatting are kept in WhatsApp. The advantage of taking a backup will be that when you install WhatsApp on the new phone, your chats will be restored there.

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