Smartphone Tips: How much RAM should there be in an Android phone? For multi-tasking, 4GB will suffice or you will have to buy 12GB...


Keeping a smartphone in your pocket has now become more than a fashion symbol but a necessity. When people leave home, they leave with a full battery so that the smartphone remains on for a long time. In case of any need, our experts can be contacted. Along with this, many tasks can be completed in a jiffy by using the internet. As people are becoming advanced, there is an app for every need. Some have to work out, some have to go somewhere, chatting, playing games, or shopping. There is a separate app for each service. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to keep the necessary apps on the phone. The work that was earlier done through computers is now being done through smartphones. For multitasking, the phone needs RAM. The more RAM, the smoother the phone will run, because all apps need space on RAM to run.


In such a situation, now the question arises how much RAM (Random Access Memory) should there be in the smartphone? However, this question cannot be answered in just one word. The needs of every smartphone user are different and accordingly, RAM is also required. People who are fond of playing big games will naturally need more RAM. Not only more RAM, the battery should also be bigger. On the contrary, only calls, chatting, and normal apps can work well even with less RAM.

Still, before buying a new phone, you must assess how much RAM you will need. It should not happen that you buy a device with less RAM and later keep worrying about the performance. Phones with less RAM are cheap, while those with more RAM are expensive. Apart from these, there are also phones with mid-sized RAM, which fall between budget and premium smartphones.

Sometimes 512 MB RAM was also good!
Let us tell you that the smartphones that came about 8-10 years ago had only 512 MB RAM. Some advanced phones had 1 GB RAM. Even then the work was done, but there were not so many apps at that time. Games were also not as heavy as they are today. If you do multi-tasking, today you will need a smartphone with at least 6 GB RAM. Although work can be done even with 4 GB RAM, you will have to make some effort for that. First, you have to kill the already running apps, then you will be able to work on new apps. If you open more apps on a phone with less RAM, the phone will heat up and also start hanging.

At least 8GB for multi-tasking.
If you are thinking of buying a good multi-tasking phone in 2024, then you will have to keep in your mind that you will use the same phone for the next 2-3 years. In the coming time, more RAM will also be required. In such a situation, you should not buy a phone with less than 8 GB RAM. If you do normal work and do not use the phone a lot then your work can be done even with a 4GB phone.


These days, budget smartphones also come with 6 and 8 GB RAM. Redmi and Realme have changed the contours of the market. In OnePlus phones you get 12 GB or more RAM. You should decide to buy a smartphone only after thoroughly understanding your budget and RAM requirement.
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