Smartphone Tips: If you see these 5 signs on your phone, then understand that your mobile has been hacked...


Now every generation uses phones. With the availability of phones, small and big important things can now be done sitting at home. Be it bank work, office work, Aadhaar work or even sending an email to someone, all these tasks can be done through the phone in the blink of an eye. The use of the phone is so useful that people keep all their documents on the phone itself. This is the reason why phone security is also very important. The news of hacking keeps coming continuously, and this is the reason why there is always a fear that some kind of accident might happen to us too.


Therefore it becomes very important to be cautious. Many times this question also arises how to know whether our phone has fallen into the hands of a hacker? So Today we are telling you about some such signs which if you see in the phone, then understand that the phone has fallen into the hands of a hacker.

Data Usage: If you feel that the data usage being used by your phone has suddenly increased, then it can be a sign that malware is active in your phone. This is because, in most cases of hacking, the fraudster uses the phone's data to send information to the criminal through the spying app.

Slow Performance: If you see a drop in the speed and response time of your phone, then it can be a sign of hacking.

Heating: If your device starts heating up rapidly, then it could also mean that spyware is being run in the background of the phone, and someone is spying on you. Especially when the phone is getting hot even when you are not using it, then it means the phone has fallen into the hands of a hacker.

Apps: Sometimes hackers use parental control apps to spy on others. Therefore, if you ever see an unknown app on your phone which you have not downloaded. So delete such apps immediately because these apps may have been downloaded by hackers.

Charges: Check your phone bill for unusual charges. If there are premium SMS services for which you have not signed up, then it is possible that your phone has been hacked.


If you want to keep your phone safe, you can do it easily by keeping some things in mind. Software from popular and authentic companies can be used. Apart from this, viruses can also be removed from the phone by doing a factory reset. It is important to take special care that never click on any unauthorized link or unknown source.

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