Smartphone: Does using the phone while charging damage the battery, is it a myth or a fact? know here..


When the battery of the phone starts dying, then the heartbeat starts increasing, what will happen now? If you live at home, you can put it on charge immediately, but this is not possible outside. But those who charge while at home, or charge in the office, then they have a habit of using the phone by plugging it in.


In such a situation, many times we have been hearing from each other whether it is right to do so. Can it be used by putting the phone on charging or by doing so there is a problem with the battery? Let's know what is the truth...

Using your phone while charging will cause it to charge at a very slow speed. This is because on one hand you are drawing power from the battery and on the other hand you are also trying to charge it.

People who say that their phone charges slowly, then one of the reasons behind this is that it is also used while charging.

Heavy use of the phone while charging can wear down a Lithium Ion battery faster than others. This is because the battery heats both when you are using your phone and when it is charging.


When you do both at the same time, it heats the battery and puts a lot of strain on it. If you do this again and again, all the heat will have a bad effect on the performance of the battery and it may become difficult to fully charge the phone.

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