Smartphone Care Tips: Apps are crashing repeatedly on the phone, following these tips can help you..


App crashing is a common problem with the use of a smartphone. An app suddenly shutting down on its own while running or freezing even when trying to open it can bother anyone.


There can be many reasons for an app crashing on an Android phone. The major reasons for app crashing include old outdated apps, app data corruption, and any software-related issue.

Apart from this, this also happens due to storage issues or app permissions in the phone. The problem of app crashing can be overcome by following some tips.

Follow these tips for app crash on a smartphone

Restart the phone
If you are facing the problem of an app crashing on the smartphone, then restarting the phone can be a solution. After turning off the phone, the app can be checked by turning it back on.

Software update
If you also often ignore the software updates coming on the phone, then this can also be considered a reason for the app crashing.

There is a problem regarding the compatibility of apps with old software. In such a situation, it is advisable to update the phone.

Update the app
If this problem is coming with only one app on the phone, then updating the app can be the solution. You can search the app on the Play Store and click on Update.

Uninstall and re-install
If the app is crashing on the phone, then you can go to the option to uninstall this app. However, this app is needed, so the app can be installed again by going to the Play Store.


Empty the phone storage
Many times the freezing or crashing of apps is a problem related to the phone's storage. In such a situation, if your phone has also become old and there are photos-videos, movies, and many other heavy files in it, then empty the phone's storage.

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