Skin Type: Don't you also know your skin type? So identify in these easy ways...


Skin Type: Whenever you go to a skin doctor or a parlor, your first question is what is your skin type? Many people do not have correct information about it. They remain in dilemma whether their skin is dry oily or normal. Due to this, proper treatment is not possible.


So let us help you and give you information about your skin:

     Normal Skin: Normal means normal skin. In this, the skin is completely clean. There are no freckles of any kind. No pores are visible. It is neither oily nor dry.
     Oily Skin: Due to oil and grease the face looks shiny. Pores are also visible on the face. There is every possibility of getting acne.

     Dry Skin: There is an uncomfortable tension on the face and there are few pores and sometimes none at all. Flaky to rough patches of skin occur in which wrinkles and fine lines become visible quickly.

     Sensitive Skin: It is also called sensitive skin. There is itching on the skin. It is very reactive. Any product has to be used thoughtfully, otherwise, the skin reacts immediately. Red rashes may also occur.


     Combination Skin: It is mildly sensitive skin. There are blackheads around the nose. There are large pores. The skin of the nose and forehead looks oily and shiny. The skin of the rest of the face remains normal or dry, especially the skin of the cheeks.

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