Skin Care: Winter has arrived even before Diwali, hence sunscreen is necessary, know the reason..


Generally, people think that sunscreen is needed only in summer because of sunlight. At the same time, the sun is stronger in winter, so people do not think about using sunscreen only in winter. If you are also one of those people who think like this then it is absolutely wrong. Let us tell you that even during the winter season, the sun's rays are very strong, which harms your skin. For this reason, it is very important to apply sunscreen even in winter to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.


Cold wind and fog also give tanning
Sunscreen is more needed in the winter season. It is believed that there is less sunlight in winter compared to summer, but according to a study, fog and cold winds cause skin tanning.

Risk of skin cancer
In winter, you may not feel as strong as the sun's rays, but still, its harmful rays can damage the skin. Suntan, sunburn, or dark spots are not only caused by sun rays but also increase the risk of skin cancer. The ozone layer becomes thin during the winter season, due to which the sun's rays also increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, sunscreen cream of 30 APF is necessary in winter.


Apply sunscreen every 3 hours
While in summer the sunscreen comes off with sweat, in winter the cold winds quickly remove the effect of your cream. In such a situation, you should use sunscreen every 3 hours to protect your skin in winter, just like you use sunscreen every 3 hours in summer.
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