Skin Care Tips: To get youthful skin, consume this fruit daily, the effect will be seen in a few days


Skin Care Tips: If you are also troubled by pimples and stains on the face and want to get rid of all the skin related problems, then you must consume these fruits.

Eating healthy and balanced food cures many diseases and keeps the body healthy. Not only this, consuming some fruits daily removes all skin related problems. If you are also troubled by pimples and stains on the face, then this news is for you.

Today we will tell you about some such fruits, by consuming which you can make your face beautiful and glowing. Let's know about those fruits. Everyone wants to make their face beautiful. In such a situation, you can consume some fruits daily, this will remove pimples, stains and tanning from your face.

Consume bananas
First of all, you must consume bananas every morning. Banana is considered a boon for the skin. Eating a banana daily nourishes the skin and makes the skin look brighter. You can make a shake from banana and drink it. Not only this, if you want, you can also try making a banana face mask.

Consume orange
Apart from this, you should consume orange to keep the skin healthy. The vitamin C and antioxidants present in it make the skin soft and smooth. It also helps in removing dead skin. The vitamin C present in it promotes collagen production, which makes the skin always look young. If wrinkles have started appearing on your face and you want to look young in old age, then definitely consume an orange daily.

Consume pomegranate for skin
You can consume pomegranate to keep the skin healthy, because it has high water content and it helps in hydrating the skin. You can eat pomegranate directly or you can also drink its juice. Not only this, if you make poha or uttam in the morning for breakfast, then you can eat pomegranate seeds by adding them to it. Pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight acne.

Apple and broccoli are also beneficial

Apart from this, you can also consume apple, blueberry, and broccoli daily. These are also considered very beneficial for the skin. By consuming all these fruits, you can make your skin soft and beautiful.

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