Skin Care Tips: Make natural toner from basil leaves, it will be beneficial in skin care...


Tulsi Tonner for Skin: It is best to use toner to improve the skin. On the other hand, people often use expensive toners to bring an instant glow to the face. Although the toners available in the market are chemical-rich. Due to this many side effects can also be seen on the skin. In such a situation, if you want, by trying Tulsi toner in skin care, along with many wonderful benefits, you can also remove all the problems related to the skin.


Basil rich in medicinal elements contains anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory elements. In such a situation, by making a natural toner from basil leaves, you can say goodbye to many skin problems forever. So let's know how to make Tulsi toner at home and some of its benefits.

How to make Tulsi toner
To make Tulsi toner, heat water in a pan. Now wash the basil leaves and put them in this water and boil it till the water reduces to half. Now filter the pan water and fill it in an air-tight container and then add a little rose water and glycerine and mix it.

How to apply Tulsi toner
Before applying basil toner, clean the face by washing it with a mild face wash. Now wipe the face with a towel. After this apply Tulsi toner on the face and neck with the help of cotton. After drying the toner, do not forget to apply moisturizer on the face. Let us know the benefits of applying Tulsi toner.

Helpful in maintaining pH
The anti-oxidant elements present in basil toner help balance the pH level of the skin. Due to this many skin problems start ending and your skin looks completely problem free.

Skin's glowing secret
Tulsi toner rich in medicinal elements works to detox the skin. Due to this the bacteria and dirt present in the skin pores are cleaned. Also, your skin starts glowing naturally.

Effective in skin tightening
Applying Tulsi toner also helps a lot in skin tightening. This reduces the looseness of the skin. On the other hand, to get rid of the problem of open pores, it is best to apply basil toner.


Skin will stay hydrated
To keep the skin hydrated, the use of Tulsi toner can prove to be the best option. The rose water and glycerin present in it help in maintaining the moisture of the skin. On the other hand, for better results, you can also mix aloe vera gel, neem leaves, and cucumber in Tulsi toner.

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