Skin Care Tips: If you also do this work, then be careful, it can have a bad effect on your skin...


Habits That Can Damage Your Skin: What things people do not try for better skin. Be it all kinds of home remedies or the use of expensive cosmetic products. Despite all this, the skin does not get better. While there are many people whose skin looks naturally beautiful and problem free and there is always a glow on the face. One reason for this can be attributed to some of his habits. Unknowingly, we become addicted to some habits which harm our skin a lot. So let's know about those habits which are harmful to our skin.


1. Swimming too much
Swimming may be good for our health but it can harm your hair. Not only this, but spending hours in the swimming pool also has a bad effect on your skin. Actually, there is a lot of chlorine in the water of the swimming pool, which is not good for the skin and hair. Many people go home and take a bath after swimming and think that this will save skin and hair, then this is their misunderstanding. Actually, chlorine is not completely removed from the skin and reaches the pores of the skin and closes them. Due to this the skin and hair can be damaged.

2. Bathing with hot water
If you also use hot water for bathing, then it causes a lot of damage to your skin and hair. Because of this, the skin becomes dry and the natural moisture of the hair starts to disappear.

3. Excessive salt and sugar intake
If you consume excessive salt and sugar, then it ruins your skin. Actually salt contains sodium which makes the skin dry, lifeless, and dry. While sugar affects the collagen level of the skin and early aging starts appearing on the skin.

4. Smoking
Smoking cigarettes has a very bad effect on your skin. Many people do not smoke but their friends smoke. In such a situation, by standing near him, he becomes a victim of passive smoking even without wanting to and the nicotine and tar present in the smoke coming out of the cigarette has a bad effect on the skin. Because of this, untimely wrinkles can appear on the skin.


5. Sleeping on the side
Actually, when people sleep for a long time by turning to the right or left side, then there is tension on the skin of their face and fine lines start appearing on the face. Not only this, your face rubs against the pillow while sleeping, which can also cause skin rashes and many other problems. That's why sleeping on the back is better for the skin.

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