Skin Care Tips: Do you also share your makeup kit, then know its side effects..


Skin Care Tips: Be it any function or festival, when it comes to makeup, there is competition among all the women and girls to look beautiful. Everyone wants to look very beautiful and attractive, so they compromise with their makeup kit and share their makeup kit with each other. I think that she is my cousin, so she is my best friend, but it is absolutely wrong to do so.


Be it a friend or a sister, everyone has different skin types, so it is not necessary that the product that suits you will also suit your friend or sister. So let us know the side effects of sharing a makeup kit.

Bacterial infection
Our eyes are the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, so if you use someone else's kajal, mascara, or eye liner, then there is a risk of bacterial infection. Due to this, you may have to face problems like watery eyes, red eyes or rashes.

Is the product hygienic? This is also a question.
Although all skin care experts recommend cleaning makeup brushes and tools, most people do not take care of this and become victims of infection by using someone else's makeup kit.

Lips products and viral infections
Be it any lip product, sharing it is an unhealthy practice in itself. By doing this, the viruses that cause cold sores, which cause mouth ulcers, remain active on the lips for a long time.


Fingers of hands can also become the cause of infection
There is a risk of spreading infection by sharing makeup products that are best applied with fingers like highlighter, cheek tint, eye shadow, and even lip balm.
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