Skin Care Tips: Do not make these mistakes after getting a facial, it may cause many skin problems...


Women do nothing to get a beautiful glowing face and for this, they even go to parlors and get facials done. Facial is a skin care treatment with the help of which acne can be treated while making the skin glow. By getting a facial, the skin gets nourishment and the skin starts glowing. But many times even after getting a facial done, the face does not glow as expected. The reason for this is the mistakes made by you after getting the facial done. In such a situation, one has to face many skin problems. Today we are going to tell you about some things that you should avoid doing after getting a facial.


Do not touch the face at all
Do not touch your face after taking a facial, doing so will generate bacteria in the skin. Due to which pimples will start appearing. Touching the face after a facial causes many pimples, pores, breakouts, and allergies.

Do not wash your face
Many people wash their face after getting a facial. You should wash your face only after 24 hours of facial. You may face the problem of rash if you wash your face with face wash. You can use rose water to clean your face. You can also take advice from your parlor regarding this.

Ignore makeup
After getting a facial, your skin gets cleansed from within and the pores of the skin open. Due to this the chemicals of makeup products can penetrate inside the skin and cause many skin problems. The skin becomes very sensitive after taking a facial. Applying makeup causes breakouts, redness, and pimples. Therefore, one should avoid applying any kind of makeup immediately after getting a facial done.

Do not get threading done
Whenever we go to the parlor, we come back after getting all the work done together. Because of this, we forget that there are some things between which it is necessary to keep a gap. If you are going for a facial (facial mistake) this time, then keep in mind that you should never get threading done after doing the facial. This is because the skin becomes soft after the facial, if thread is used on the face after this, then the chances of getting a cut are highest. Try to get threading done before this. Otherwise, get it done after a few days.

Do not go out in the sun
After a facial, the skin becomes sensitive and delicate. Due to this harmful UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin, causing facial redness and allergies. It is better to use the needle before getting a facial than after. When you get a facial, the skin becomes sensitive and delicate for a few days. Using chemicals and needles on sensitive skin can cause skin damage.

Do not get waxing done
Never get waxing done to get upper lips on your face immediately after getting a facial done. Let us tell you that after a facial, the upper skin of the face becomes very soft and sensitive and waxing can have a bad effect on it.


Do not wear a face mask
After a facial, it is often advised not to use any kind of face mask for at least a week. This removes the facial glow and can also cause some kind of reaction on the face.
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