Skin Care Tips: Do not do these 5 mistakes while sleeping, otherwise you may be troubled by acne..


Skin Care Tips: There are many such sleeping habits, which can cause skin problems. For glowing skin, you go to the parlor and get expensive beauty treatments done, but you can get relief from the problem of acne by improving some habits even before sleeping at night. Today we are going to tell you about some such mistakes, which damage your skin.


Sleeping with makeup on
Of course, makeup enhances the beauty of the face, but if you sleep without removing makeup, you may have skin problems. It closes the pores of the skin. Due to this acne occurs. So, no matter how tired you are, take off your makeup and go to bed.

Using dirty pillow covers
If you use a dirty pillow cover, then there may be a problem with pimples on the skin. The hair on the head and the extra oil on the face fall on the pillow itself, due to which bacteria start to grow. So change the pillow cover regularly.

Sleeping on stomach
Yes, even sleeping on your stomach can make you prone to acne. When you sleep in this position, your skin is directly in contact with the pillow cover. Due to this, you may have a pimple problem. If you want to avoid acne, then try to avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Don't use dirty towels
If you use a dirty towel on the face, then it produces bacteria on the face. Keep 2-3 towels with you before sleeping, so that you can use clean towels to wipe your face from time to time.


Don't use the phone till late at night
Often we go to bed early to sleep, but keep on playing on the phone while lying down. This has a bad effect on the eyes as well as on the skin. Due to this, you can be troubled by the problem of dark circles.

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