Skin Care: These face packs made from bitter gourd will give you glowing skin, know how to use them...


Whenever we talk about any vegetable that most people dislike, the name of bitter gourd comes up which is very beneficial for your health. But do you know that this bitter bitter gourd is also very beneficial for your skin, which helps in removing skin-related problems and blemishes and enhancing its glow? Today in this episode, we have brought you some face packs made from bitter gourd and information related to their use which will help in giving you glowing skin. These face packs will prove to be very effective in enhancing the beauty of the face. So let's know about these bitter gourd face packs...


Bitter gourd and cucumber face pack
Cucumber has a high water content, which keeps the skin hydrated. Apart from this, it cleanses the skin from within. This pack of bitter gourd and cucumber will bring a natural glow to your skin and using it regularly will also remove your acne. Wash bitter gourd and cucumber and cut them into small pieces. Grind both of them in a mixer. Now add fresh aloe vera gel to it and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Now wash the face with cold water.

Bitter gourd and orange peel face pack
If your skin is oily and you have pimples on your face, then this scrub is very good for you. Orange peel contains antioxidants and is also known to cleanse the skin and remove dirt or toxins from the skin. Try this organic scrub to remove white or blackheads from the nose. To make this, first of all, take bitter gourd and dried orange peels, put them in a blender, and grind them coarsely. A little multani mitti or gram flour can also be added to it. Then apply it on your face and leave it for some time. Rub the scrub gently on the face. Then wash your face with cold water.

Bitter gourd and turmeric face pack
Bitter gourd has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, which cleanse the blood. Be it stubborn old spots or acne on the face, they get cured with regular use of this face pack. For this, add 1 bitter gourd, some neem leaves, and 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a mixer jar and blend it to make a paste. Apply this paste to your face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash the face with lukewarm water. Use it once in 2 to 3 days for better results.

Bitter gourd and egg face pack
The properties present in bitter gourd also work as anti-aging. If you are suffering from wrinkles then try a face pack of egg, curd, and bitter gourd to get rid of them. For this, mix 1 tablespoon bitter gourd juice, 1 egg yolk, and 2 teaspoons curd in a bowl. Apply this pack evenly on your face and neck. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. After that sprinkle some water on your face and scrub your face slowly for a few seconds. Then wash the face using warm water. This will make your skin look fresh and young.


Bitter gourd and aloe vera face pack
To make this pack, make a paste of bitter gourd and aloe vera and add a little honey to it. Now apply this mixture on the face. After about ten minutes, clean the skin with warm water. To make this pack, take a medium-sized bowl. Peel the bitter gourd and cut it into small pieces. Put bitter gourd pieces in a mixer grinder and grind them. Now take it out in a bowl and add aloe vera gel to it. Then add honey to it mix well and make a paste. Now, leave this paste for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash your face with clean water and then pat it dry with a towel. Now apply that paste on your entire face cut 2 slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes. Now lie down for 20 minutes and let the pack dry. After 20 minutes, take a cotton ball, dip it in water, and remove the face pack with it. Then wash your face with clean water and wipe it with a towel. Apply this face pack twice a week for better results.
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