Skin Care: Taking steam can become a true companion of your skin, know its benefits and methods..


In summer, many types of problems start appearing on the face. At this time, whether it is a woman or a man, everyone has to worry about the problem of sun tanning and extra oily face. Most beauty experts are advised to scrub from time to time to restore the lost glow of the face. But if you also take face steam once a week, then you can get many benefits. The practice of taking facial steam has been going on since the time of the Romans and Greeks. This gives oxygen to the skin and keeps the skin healthy. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the benefits of taking face steam, it's the right time and the right way.


Acts as a cleanser
Facial steam acts as a perfect cleanser. It produces sweat on the face, which removes unwanted dirt, dead skin, and dirt stuck in the skin's pores. If these impurities are not dealt with, it can result in breakouts.

Helpful in reducing acne
When the pores of the face get clogged and start accumulating excess sebum and dirt, it leads to pimples and acne on the face. But when you take steam, it opens the pores of the face and removes excess sebum and dirt. In this way, the pimples on your face start getting cured slowly.

Hydrate the skin
Many times due to lack of water, our facial skin starts getting dehydrated. To increase the capacity of the skin, you should do face steaming so that the hydration of the face is maintained, by doing this your face will become glowing.

Increases facial glow
When heat falls on the face, our brain signals the blood vessels to increase the flow of blood to the face. Due to the increased circulation of blood in the face, more oxygen and nutrients reach the face. Hence, after a facial steam session, you will notice that your skin gets rid of tiredness and dullness and glows. Steaming the face starts boosting skin cells and getting rid of dead skin. In this process the skin gets a glow. After taking the steam, the skin appears younger and brighter.

Reduce facial wrinkles
The heat on your face from steam inhalation improves blood circulation. Due to this, oxygen starts getting on your skin and the skin becomes brighter than before. Due to better blood circulation, facial collagen is also cured. By taking steam, the wrinkles of the face also start to heal faster.

Remove blackheads
When steam opens your pores, it makes it easier to clear blackheads. To remove blackheads, steam your face for about ten minutes and then scrub your face. This clears blackheads easily.

What is the right time to take face steam?
Due to taking more benefits, some people take steam every day. But doing so can cause harm. This will leave the pores of the skin open. You can take steam two to three times a month. It is necessary to clean the face before taking steam. 5 to 10 minutes is enough time to take steam. After taking steam, the face should always be moisturized by pat drying it. If your skin is sensitive or acne-prone or dry, then you should not take steam.


The Right Way to Steam
To take steam, take hot water in a big bowl. You will also need a towel. First of all clean your face. You can add any essential oil according to your face in hot water. Wrap a towel over the head. Steam should only come on your face. Now tilt the face over the hot water. Inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes while keeping your eyes closed. Keep in mind that the face should not be taken too close to the water. This can burn your face. After giving steam to the face, apply moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel.

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