Skin Care: Rosehip oil is a magical treatment for skin so know here the best way to use it

Skin Care: Rosehip oil is a magical treatment for skin so know here the best way to use it


Skin Care: Rosehip oil is a magical treatment for skin so know here the best way to use it

Rosehip oil retains skin moisture and boosts collagen. If you can see wrinkles on your face, then apply rosehip oil in this way.

Beauty gradually diminishes due to wrinkles on the face. Fine lines near the eyes and lips become darker with age. Rosehip oil is a great solution to make skin healthy. Applying it on the face maintains skin moisture and boosts collagen. This provides relief from facial wrinkles. If you are also feeling wrinkles on your face before age, then apply Rosehip oil on your face in this way (best way to use Rosehip oil).

Rosehip oil rich in vitamins A, C and E helps in increasing the amount of collagen in the skin. It protects the skin from oxidative stress. By applying it regularly, skin cells start getting boosted. It repairs our skin cells and tissues. The retinol present in it acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin. By applying two drops of it on the face, your skin starts looking soft and glowing.

Roseip for face

How to apply rosehip oil on face

1. Moisturize the face

Rosehip oil is an easy way to moisturize the face. First of all, take two drops of it on the palm and apply it on the face before makeup. Moisturizer creates a thin layer on the face, which helps in protecting our face from dust.

2. Use for facial massage

Massage the skin with rosehip oil to protect it from uneven tone and premature wrinkles. This will make your skin firm. Skin elasticity increases. Mix equal quantity of jojoba oil in rosehip oil and massage on the face and neck. After massaging with hands, you can also use facial roller.

3. Apply on face like a mask

Mix half teaspoon green tea powder and 2 teaspoons boiled rice in 1 teaspoon rosehip oil. Mix these things together, make a mixture and apply it completely on the face. Apply it well under the eyes and near the lips. This provides relief from dark circles and pigmentation on the face. Be sure to apply it twice a week.

4. Face serum is beneficial

We use serum on the face to restore the lost moisture of the skin. To keep the skin healthy and soft, mix 10 drops of rosehip oil in two spoons of aloe vera gel and keep it in a bottle. Apply two drops of it on the face daily. With this the facial skin will start becoming soft. Apply this mixture on the face every morning.


5. How to include it in your makeup routine

Rosehip oil is a very light oil. It can be used as a primer before makeup. With this, your makeup will remain on your face throughout the day. Instead of applying a thick layer of oil on the face, apply a light layer so that the skin can absorb it easily. By applying it on the face, your skin also remains protected from makeup products containing chemicals.

When to apply rosehip oil on face


To repair skin cells and boost collagen, take rosehip oil on your fingers and massage it on the entire face for 2 to 3 minutes before sleeping at night. This keeps blood circulation regular. Besides this, the spots and blemishes on the skin also get removed. You can apply it daily. If you have problem of rashes or swelling on your face, then use it twice a week. This will benefit the skin. Apart from this, apply it on your face before applying makeup in the morning. This will protect your face from dust, soil and sun damage throughout the day.

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