SIP Tips: Follow this rule of 10% in SIP, if you start investing even with Rs 3000 then it is certain to become a millionaire…

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If you think that big funds can be created only by big investments, then you should change this thinking. In today's time, there are many such schemes in which even if you start with a small amount, you can create a big fund. SIP is one of them. Investment is made in mutual funds through SIP. If you invest in this scheme in a disciplined manner for a long time, you can accumulate a huge fund.


However, if you want to become a millionaire through SIP, then you should understand the 10% formula very well. If you start a monthly SIP of just Rs 3000 with this formula, then you are sure to become a millionaire in a few years. Know the 10 percent formula here.

10% formula
In the 10% formula, whatever amount you start investing in SIP, you have to increase the amount by 10 percent every year. Suppose you start an SIP of Rs 3,000 per month, then after one year you will have to increase Rs 3,000 by 10 percent in Rs 3,000, that is, next year you will run a SIP of Rs 3,300 for a full year. In the next year, 10 percent of Rs 3,300 i.e. Rs 330 has to be added to it. In this way, you will have to continue SIP of Rs 3,630 for a whole year. Next year, 10 percent of the amount of Rs 3,630 has to be increased in the same SIP. In this way, you have to keep increasing the investment amount by 10 percent every year.

Now understand how to become a millionaire
According to the 10 percent formula, if you start investing Rs 3,000 in SIP at the age of 25 and continue this investment for 25 to 30 years by increasing this investment by 10 percent every year, then you will become a millionaire. Actually, the average return in SIP is considered to be 12 percent. In such a situation, if you continue this investment for 25 years with the 10 percent formula, then your total investment in 25 years will be Rs 35,40,494. At the rate of 12 percent, you will get interest of Rs 92,86,144 on this, and on maturity, you will be the owner of Rs 1,28,26,638.


Whereas if you continue this investment continuously for 30 years, then you will invest Rs 59,21,785 in 30 years. You will get Rs 2,05,80,586 as interest at the rate of 12 percent and on maturity you will be the owner of Rs 2,65,02,371. In this way, you can make yourself a millionaire in 25 to 30 years by starting an investment in SIP with just Rs 3,000.

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